• Love
    Honouring Life

The Script

Every wound, every word, every whoosh ever heard are the wings of love and thus heeded.
Nicol from the Νικόλαος meaning 'Victory of the People' with the suffix -ism for inspired spiritual movement.

Victory is the aspiration of all endeavour and Victory in Childbirth, in Youth and in War are the most valuable & tangible forms in the human experience. Victory ends the wicked work of war, ensures continuation, gives elation, and its fruits are peace and prosperity.


To love deeply, and with gratitude in your heart


To lift humanity to greater heights, and spark creativity


To live joyfully, with empathy and wonder for the world


To be devoted to your purpose, and to perform with integrity

The Scroll

Aphorisms, Quotes and Sayings in Honour of Nike, The Goddess of Victory.

The Scene

In my girl I discover the world, in loving her I see beauty in all.

A Star Shines for All

Hers is the light that sanctifies sight
And her warmth touches the skin of the sightless
By her grows the rose for the summer nose
And the flavours savoured so by the scentless

With her coming birds arise humming
And her becoming brings blessings for the soundless
By her harmonious sphere spirits endear
And her sincerity succours the soulless

Love is a starchild
And a star shines for all
Beauty is a starchild
And a star shines for all

The Story

He has a store of stories for her pleasure, and a thousand stories they’ll create together.